Why A Locksmith Is Better Than A Dealership For Car Key Replacement

A lot of times losing a car key can be stressing, especially if you don’t have a spare one. The fact is, without your car keys, you won’t be able to access or drive your vehicle when you need to. The good news is, you can always avoid additional problems by contacting either a car dealership or a locksmith. However, if you are looking for a service provider that won’t disappoint contacting a locksmith will save you lots of trouble. Check out why.

6 Reasons A Locksmith Is The Better Option For Car Key Replacement

1. Affordable

savingsCar dealerships are known to charge incredibly higher than locksmiths. If you are not cautious enough, most of them will take the advantage and charge you twice what other clients pay and that is the main reason locksmiths are highly recommended. Unlike a car dealership, locksmiths are always looking for a way to build a relationship with their clients and will do nothing to ruin that. They will charge you the exact amount they charge other customers or even lower.

2. Fast response

Most likely your car keys will get lost when you least expect it. It might get lost when you are about to leave for work or when you are planning to go for an urgent meeting. If you don’t have any other option of getting there in time apart from driving your car, then you will need a service provider that can replace your vehicle keys in time. Trust me, calling a car dealership to replace your car keys when you have limited time will further ruin your day. The only person that can respond faster to such emergency calls is a professional locksmith.

3. Available in all areas

You might lose your car keys anywhere. Unfortunately, car dealerships are never available in all areas. Sometimes when you call them, you will realize that they are miles away from where you lost your car keys. There are some places you might not even be able to access the services of a single dealer. More often you will be forced to travel long distances using another person’s vehicle to get to their locations. One thing that makes locksmiths your best choice here is that you can always access their services whether you are in a strange location, a remote area or far away from any trading center. They can also get to your location in time depending on how fast you need your car keys replaced.

4. Shorter process

The last thing you need is following a long and tiring procedure when your car keys get lost. Sadly, that is how car dealerships work. To get a car dealer to replace your car, you may have to follow a lengthy procedure. And even completing the whole process the person who is supposed to attend to you might choose to delay inconveniencing you further. Most of the times, the whole process will take up to two weeks. What if your car keys get lost in a strange location? The truth is, you will be risking a lot. If your car is the only thing that gets you to places, then calling a locksmith immediately when your car keys get lost is your best bet. Car dealerships will only give you more stress.

5. You can keep in touch with them

Car keys is a small thing. It can get lost any time and anywhere. The worst thing that can happen when you lose your key in a remote area is calling a service provider without success. It can be inconveniencing. Car dealerships, unlike locksmith, don’t stay in touch with their customers more often, and that is one of the reasons they may fail to respond to your request in time. Having a locksmith by your side makes it easier for you to find help when you need it most. It also offers you the opportunity to learn more. Unlike working with a car dealership, you will be able to ask important questions and get the right answers.

6. 24/7 Accessibility

24-7You might realize you don’t have your car keys when is too late at night and you are in the middle of nowhere. When you call car dealerships at this time, chances that they won’t even respond are high simply because most of them close before evening hours. On the other hand, if you have a locksmith’s number you can make a call, and he will be there to assess your situation in time. To summarize, having a locksmith by your side will get you out of trouble more often.

Bottom Line

Your car keys can get lost any time and anywhere. If you happen not to have a spare key somewhere, you will be in big trouble. The only way to avoid other problems is to call someone that will respond faster, charge fairly, easy to access and most importantly, available 24/7. That person is a locksmith. Unlike working with a car dealership, you can always keep in touch with them and the best part; they won’t have any excuse for not attending to your problems in time.