Most Expensive Car Keys

You might be surprised to hear that when it comes to supercars, not only are they themselves carrying an enormous price tag, but the keys too. It’s a surprising thing to think about, but imagine a set of  good car keys more expensive than what some people earn in an entire year (or years). Let’s count down the top 5 most expensive car keys in the world. Some of which are coming from brands and models of cars that you may not have even heard of but are sure to leave a lasting impression after reading. Read through to number one for something truly astounding.

Coming in at number five, we have the Eng-i-Creation’s Gumpert Apollo Key. This pair of keys is custom made by the Eng-i-Creation team for your supercar. With points for style, simplicity and the classic can’t-go-wrong fob style, the Gumpert Apollo Key is well deserving of the fifth spot on this list. It will however set you back approximately $7,000 (just for a set of keys!)

bentley-diamond-car-keyThe Bentley Diamond Key from world renowned designer Alexander Amosu clocks in at number four on this list. This set of keys will cost about $7,895. A unique key set with precious stones that are sure to dazzle. It is set with 100 diamonds that are all built into the well-known winged logo for Bentley. The fact that 1.09 carats is set entirely within the logo gives it a much subtler finish than you might expect at this price.

Speaking of diamonds, the third key, rocking in at $22,500 and set with 1,160 flawless diamonds is the Bespoke Ferrari Car Key. Exclusively from the London Jewel Designers at The House of Camael, this key is more artwork or jewellery than car key. This time the opposite of what was done for the Bentley Diamond Key, the familiar hose logo of Ferrari is untouched by the diamonds. Instead the logo is surrounded by row upon row of stunning diamonds.

Number two on the list is a surprise entry. Because it isn’t a key… but it is. Welcome to the Aston Martin AMVOX2 Watch. This key sits on your wrist and tells the time. In true James Bond fashion, the watch design is gorgeous and completely unique. From chronograph maker Jaeger LeCoultre, the AMVOX2 has been created to interface with the Aston Martin DB9 or DBS. It can in fact do more than just unlock the car, the watch has several buttons which can also activate the lights, open the doors and lock them. It will also set you back $34,000.

koenigsegg-keyThe number one, most expensive car key in the world goes to a brand many outside of the world of car enthusiasts might not have heard of. The Koenigsegg Agera R Platinum and Diamond Key. Rounding out at an amazing $250,000, this car key was originally made in silver and looks much like a badge you might wear if you were the chief of police. Those who love all that is elegant and classy might find this car key really ideal for them but that notwithstanding, it still delivers on its basic functionality.

A customer looked at that and thought it clearly wasn’t good enough and tasked Optimal Innovative Solutions with creating the $250,000 version that is made from platinum and diamonds. The margins of the fob are set with 40 carats diamonds. There is a button to open it which reveals a USB stick. Control commands for the car are on the back and have the usual functions of being able to lock, unlock, start the car and turn the lights on.

The $250,000 diamond and platinum version of the usual silver key is one-of-a-kind currently and only the owner has that. But with the car itself costing $2.8 million, there’s little choice but to opt-in for the premium key to go with it.

For any locksmith on the planet, the thought of getting to work with a car and key on the order of opulence on display here must surely excite the imagination. It’s not every day you get to handle a car key that costs more than most people’s house. Let alone their car! Getting a call out to work on one of these beautiful and exclusive works of art would get tongues wagging and let you craft a story you get to keep for years to come.